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Dare County Area
Total Area: 1,563 sq/mi# Of Parcels: 43,733
Area Of Land: 383 sq/mi# Of Towns: 6
Area Of Water: 1,179 sq/mi# Of Unincorporated Communites: 16
Population Over Time
Median Age Over Time
Median Household Income Over Time (Unadjusted)
% Population In Labor Force Over Time
Median Home Value Over Time
Median Rent Over Time
Sale Ratio Over Time
Sales Ratio is assessed home value divided by the sale price.
When the ratio falls below 1 then homes are selling for more than their assessed value.
When the ratio is above 1 then they are selling for less than their assessed value.
*Steven Manson, Jonathan Schroeder, David Van Riper, Tracy Kugler, and Steven Ruggles. IPUMS National Historical Geographic Information System: Version 17.0 [dataset]. Minneapolis, MN: IPUMS. 2022.
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Area Stats
Total Area: 1,563 sq/mi
Whole CountyView Area
Land Area: 383 sq/miLand Area:
Water Area: 1,179 sq/miWater Area:
Natural Areas
Natural Area
# of Natural Communities
# of Rare Flora Species
# of Rare Fauna Species
Land Classification
Developed, HighDeveloped, MedDeveloped, LowDeveloped, Open
Barren LandCultivated CropsHay/PastureShrub/Scrub
HerbaceousEmergent HerbaceousWoody WetlandsDeciduous Forest
Evergreen ForestMixed ForestTotal Wetland Area
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Total Population:
Median Age:
Family Type
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Residential Property
Number Of Properties:
Total Value Of Properties:
Sales Summary Last 12 Months
Total # Of Sales:
Total Value Of Sales:
Low SaleHigh SaleMean Sale
Ownership by Mailing Address State
Average Residential Sale Price
Rent Information
# of Renter Occupied Houses: Median Gross Rent:
Rent As a Percentage Of Income
Non-family Household Size
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Median Household Income
Median Household Income By Age Group
Under 2525-4445-6465+
Household Income By Percentage of Households
Poverty Rate
Employment Status
Travel Time To Work By % of Commuters
Number of Workers By Type Of Employment